Moody’s presence in England, expensive yet vital

Tom Moody’s involvement with the national team during the forthcoming England series will cost Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) around Rs. 10 million but Cricket Technical Advisory Committee head Aravinda de Silva believes his presence is vital to obtain first-hand information on players and support staff to determine what improvement are needed.

Moody was enlisted on a three-year contract as Director of Cricket at a daily wage of US$ 1,900 (Rs 376,125) including a US$100 allowance. He will spend at least 300 days in Sri Lanka over the next three years, focusing on analysis of future tour programme, the domestic tournament structure, player welfare, education and skill development, coaching and support staff structure, high performance and data analytics.

“It’s not like being outside and making decisions. We need him to get insight into the team’s workings, understand the strengths and weaknesses of players and the support staff,” said de Silva. “We are also sending a team of 24-players and they can work with him during the tour. Given the current COVID situation in the country, there’s hardly anything happening here. So we thought it’s best to get him to work with the players and the support staff during the tour.”

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