Latest selection of white ball squad sparks more questions

The white ball squads picked by the new selection committee headed by former fast bowler Pramodya Wickramasinghe for the impending tours of Bangladesh and for the series in England has thrown up quite a few question marks which would be helpful if the national cricket selectors can come up with some answers…

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  1. SL selections have been a major issue attracting comments from all and sundry – mainly because we are so poor with so few options, its easy to criticize.

    For once I am in agreement with the change in policy from the ‘dads army’ theme but I am not sure where we are going with Akila Dhananjaya – we need to get past this dodgy action issue once and for all and it doesn’t help to keep picking this guy and its just not cricket.

    We would love a Ben Stokes but Eng found may be 3 (Stokes, Flintoff and Botham) in 40 years and we are yet to find one. Shanaka is a decent pick from the talent we have.