Lanka Premier League dates may change, and could be held in Malaysia or UAE

The Lanka Premier League’s 21 November start date is being reconsidered, while there is also now a possibility the tournament will be moved to the UAE or Malaysia.

Ravin Wickramaratne LPL

“The first option is to play the tournament across two venues in Sri Lanka – in Hambantota and Pallekele – but we might have to move the tournament back by about one week. The second option is to play it all in one venue, which will make the arrangements around a biosecure bubble for players and staff more straightforward.

“The last option, which we would rather not take, is to play in the UAE or Malaysia. This is a Sri Lankan tournament so it should be played here. But this has been a much-awaited tournament, and there are many Sri Lankan players who have been waiting to play in it. So we want to play it.”

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