‘Lady in mid 40s identified as biggest threat to Sri Lankan cricket’


“The investigators have identified a lady from down south as the largest threat. They say that she has done more damage to Sri Lankan cricket than anyone else. This well connected lady is said to be working for a bookie in India and together with her local counterpart is believed to have dragged unsuspecting players into malpractices. She is believed to have had sexual relationships with close to a dozen Sri Lankan cricketers!

“As the ICC announced an amnesty period for all stakeholders of the sport to report approaches to corrupt games that had been previously unreported, the image of this lady along with her local accomplice and the Indian bookie were circulated among players. This resulted in 11 people making use of the amnesty period to report incidents that they had previously not chosen to bring to the Anti Corruption officers’ notice. This provided important new leads to investigators.”

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  1. Lets stop fooling ourselves by blaming everything else but the real issue. When we have morons at the top stealing us silly what do you expect from the rest. Lets fix the real issue first and then worry about everything else or else if will be more of the same story.

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