Kusal Perera losing the mental battle as opening batsman

england vs sri lanka

Kusal Perera is building himself quite the collection in this two-match series. There will be a DVD of his bloopers soon if he is not careful.

The left-handed opener hacked in haste, and then repented at leisure as some of his colleagues, in particular the excellent Angelo Mathews, made runs on a blameless surface. It is the most awful feeling for a batsman, a whole day of remorseful reflection at having missed the boat.

At least it was better than the scenario in the first Test, where many others followed hare-brained suit and the match was lost in the first innings with Sri Lanka skittled for 135.

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  1. Anyone recall the KJP V Tharanga V who ever else debates on this forum some time back? Since then KJP is the owner of if not the greatest, one of the greatest test innings of all time! This is not mean feat when you consider the innings on that ladder he tops. Ironically he was not supposed to be on that tour but for injury to others and batted at #5 in that test (or was it 4,3,2,1 – all positions he has batted at numerous time – the way to manage talent??)

    The point is this guy can be an out and out match winner and should be given a chance to settle down and play his part but we have been throwing him in and out of the team, up and down the order and expecting him to settle down to be a test player.

    There is another part of the Kusal bargain – he is never going to be a Sanga or Marvan – technically building an innings in a calm manner. He is more in the Jayasuriya/Sewag territory capable of swinging the first ball for a six or getting out. That’s what makes him what he is but we need accept that as part of the bargain which will mean frustration at time and hopefully runs and quickly, at others.

    But we have messed around with this guy and now wondering why he swinging from the hip – he always did that, its what his game is all about. But when we are sitting here trying to see if we can win with Thirimane – while messing around with the man who has played the greatest test innings of all time.