‘Keep cricket clean’: Kumar Sangakkara pleads at NCC felicitation

Sri Lanka cricket legend Kumar Sangakkara was critical in underlining the responsibility of domestic cricket clubs’ to keep the sport clean from corruption, as the country’s reputation hangs in the balance with the blend of occurrences in the recent past.

Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakara

“I’m not going to exaggerate this, but there are 43 investigations in the world today and 23 are in Sri Lanka, to do with corruption. Sri Lanka needs to make a stand, we as a club, as a cricket side, as an administration, to ensure to keep this sport as clean as we possibly can. NCC can start that with educating the players, making sure that everyone has a trustworthy system to depend on a support structure that allows them to play this game without a fear, with the best spirit of the game, with excellent skill and never ever be part of a system that compromise as who they are and the value of the game that we all love,” speaking in front of a large crowd, Sangakkara said.

“With regard to corruption in cricket, unfortunately Sri Lanka has had quite a few incidents in the recent past. That’s not a great place to be, and no one will like any player, past or present, to be caught up in anything of that sort. But unfortunately we live and learn. And another instance where NCC and its culture can contribute, is to ensure that these lessons, that we’ve learnt over the recent past, are actually put into practice, where there is awareness and education and everyone takes the responsibility, I’m sure that this game that we all love will stay clean from the club level and beyond. It’s absolutely essential that it happens, or else this game will die,” showing gratitude to NCC’s contribution in making him a world figure in cricket, Sangakkara said.

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