Jayawardene's Tweet on LPL player selection

“Very interesting picks and none picks @LPLT20 draft last evening.. difficult for a country to progress when you take one step forward and 5 steps backwards.. @OfficialSLC should not forget this is a domestic tournament to develop genuine talent 🤔#Transparent #skills”

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  1. All are pointing at only one aspect. Why certain stars not picked ,that is true However there is another aspect to this. As you say not picking up those good players is only one side of the equation.The other side is how Dilshan Munaweera come as a Diamond player for fifty thousand ? Angelo Perera for forty thousand for Kandy. Both were just ex players not worth even to include in any team. Whose recommendations are those? This is very relevant . Were KJP etc excluded to give these useless players this high price? A comment posted in SLC face book looks appropriate, the born again group at work?