Is Kusal Perera paying the price in favour of Lahiru Thirimanne?

There is a cricketing conundrum doing the rounds recently which presumably only the Selectors seem know the answer.

How or why is it that Kusal Janith Perera has been benched in favour of Lahiru Thirimanne?

The latter’s Test statistics are in the low 20’s while Kusal Janith’s figures during the same period is almost double that figure!

However, our Chief Selector, Ashantha de Mel, seem have the answers at his fingertips – if you want to believe it.

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  1. Of the numerous diabolical decisions make by SLC and its administrators, this would compete to be one of the all time great blunders. Here we have a guy who has just played the “all time greatest test innings of all time” being dropped for Thiriman who after years averages in the low 20’s in test cricket! If that’s not enough, the explanation is that Thirimane “is capable of occupying the crease” – really, I presume his test average of 20 related to bowling!

    A guy like Kusal is a rare gem, a guy capable of changing the direction and impacting the result of a game. Players like this come along ever so often and its critical that they are selected and given the chance to make the impact.

    Put it another way, even at his best, the most Thiriman is likely to do it plod along to a hundred, may be even a few and average in the 40’s but is unlikely to impact the outcome of the game. Kusal Perera is an “impact player” – these guys are not picked to occupy the crease or average in the 40’s but impact games and single handedly win you games. They are far and few and when comes along, one must grab it and give them a chancel. To even get in to a conversation that an military medium like Thirimana (not to mention a repeat failure) is worthy of a spot ahead of Kusal is just plain sad and idiotic.