Is it time we look beyond Thisara Perera?

Thisara Perera has been occupying the number seven position for Sri Lanka for quite some time now. Before looking into if Thisara is a good enough player for that role, lets first see the importance of number seven position to a cricket team.

A cricket team typically consist of six batsmen including a wicketkeeper and five bowlers. That is number 1 to 6 will be batsmen and bowlers then onwards; however, if the number seven batsman is equally good with both bat and ball, that gives an added advantage for the team. In these cases, the number seven batsmen are expected to bowl their full quota while contributing with the bat when needed. They are also expected to be big hitters, as they may have to increase the run rate in the death overs. If you take a look at all the other countries, you could see that a reasonably capable batsman is occupying the number seven slot (Chris Works or Ben Stokes for England, Neesham for New Zealand, Pandya for India, Maxwell for Australia and Imad Wasim for South Africa). For a long time, Angelo Mathews used to be this player for us. However, because of the injury concerns, Mathews only plays as a batsman while he may arguably be our best batsman, his inability to bowl strikes a significant blow to the balance of the Sri Lankan team.


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  1. This guy could’ve been a gem for Sri Lanka but he didn’t live up to expectations.

    Regardless whos captain, he should perform for the team and country.

    Past SL teams also had problems, some people didn’t like each other. but when everyone went to the field they played as a team.

    But he’s too busy with off-field stuff, not a professional this guy.

  2. Definitely time to get rid of this half baked all rounder! I mean what has Thisara done in the past 5-6 years? A chancy 80 vs Bangladesh in 2013 (dropped atleast 3 times in that knock), even the 140 he made against NZ (in a losing cause), he was dropped several times. Other than those 2 knocks, he has made no significant performances!

    With the ball he is pathetic! He was lucky Jimmy Neesham didn’t smash him for over 36+ in that over he bowled! Not a single match winning performance other than one or two good spells vs Bangladesh back in the 2017/18 series.

    The less said about his fielding is better! Dont’t want to mention the 2017 Champions trophy again but… even this world cup, see how he dropped that catch vs WI off Malinga’s bowling? Poor concentration and skills on the field too.

    He brings such a negative mood to the team! With his constant scolding of younger players ect.. Just a waste of space! Not just Thisara, it’s time SL chucked out all the half baked allrounders (Siriwardana, Jeevan Mendis, Thisara, Shehan Jayasuriya ) and invest in proper bowlers and batsmen!

  3. I think it’s time! I was happy to support him but he had to come good this WC and he didn’t and he has ample opportunity to impact games and he hardly made a whimper. Real shame as he has all the ingredients to be a Russel, Pandya or Maxwell but totally inconsistent. He has improved his batting repertoire from the one dimensional cow corner hoick but bowling has become expensive and inconsistency remains. Yes I know he improved alot after Hathu came in but the WC had to be the big show for him and he hardly made the show so it’s lime to look beyond.

    Yet another mismanaged talent by SLC and yet another example of having talent is one thing but getting the most out of him is another. The answer was he should have played alot more test early in his career to hone in the skills but the selectors kept messing around with him in test cricket. Yes he didn’t perform the best but he was young then and we didn’t have the foresight to develop his game through the ranks. Time to focus on the next start – it should be noted, the #7 alrounder is a battle all teams have. Pandya for India is probably the dream option.

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