Is Chandika Hathurusingha worth the cash?

Hathurusingha is, accordingly, entitled to a basic salary of US$ 20,000 a month (Rs 3.6mn), of which he has to pay 16 percent as PAYE tax; US$ 10,000 (Rs. 1.8mn) as living allowance; US$ 120,000 (Rs 21.6mn) as strategic planning and consultancy fees, to be paid back in advance biannually; and up to US$ 20,000 (Rs 3.6mn) reimbursement of his travelling expenses per year. This works out to a monthly salary of US$ 41,666 (Rs 7.5mn). 

‘I can’t reveals the details of his contracts but we are making him payments under the contractual obligations we have,” said cricket CEO Ashely de Silva when asked whether SLC made a bulk payment of USD 60,000 to Hathurusingha. 

This is in addition to other perks like per diems, international health insurance, car, fuels and incentives a Senior Manager of SLC is entitled to.

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  1. Not sure how you measure this matter but I presume it is accepted that it cannot be results alone as that would make this is a resounding NO. Also not sure if we can expect Hathu to produce results when he is not given decent quality players to coach. We cannot find a spinner to out bowl the Englishmen at home, so how do we expect to win or can we blame Hathu for it.

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