India downgrading Sri Lanka for two Tests, a wake-up call

The Board of Control for Cricket in India announced their home fixtures for next year and Sri Lanka have been slotted in for a Test series. However, unlike three Tests that has been customary between the countries, this time around, India has reduced the series for just two Test matches.

Interestingly, it seems that the big three – India, Australia and England – are now content in hosting Sri Lanka for two Tests only although all three nations have hosted the team for three Tests overs the years.

England and Australia, the founder members of the ICC, restricting Sri Lanka for two Tests is understandable but India’s stance will be a bitter pill to swallow for traditionally they have been Sri Lanka’s strongest ally…

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  1. this article has to be a joke. I m amazed that we even got a series in India..Sri Lanka is yet to win a test match in India and you demand that we should get a 3 match series ? atm India is the best team in the world and SL is probably the worst team in the world (it will be like that for a long long time). As we don’t even plan or prepare for a test series non of the matches going to last more than 3 days..