Inconsistent team selection hurting Sri Lanka – Mahela Jayawardene

“What’s happening, you should ask the board, the politics, selection processes… It’s a combination of everything. Usually, you plan for the World Cup a year ahead, you know what your combinations are at least 12 months ahead,” Jayawardene said during a panel discussion.

The team has not had much success leading up to the World Cup with lacklustre performances against England, New Zealand and, more recently, a 5-0 loss to South Africa at home.

“We have probably won only a handful of matches in the last 12 months in Sri Lanka and away from home. That doesn’t give confidence to anybody. There hasn’t been a consistent selection process saying, ‘this is what we want from you’. We have had eight different opening partners. The top four guys are going to be very crucial in the English conditions. I feel they need to find solution for that,” Jayawardene, who is also the coach of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League, said.

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