Furious ICC warn Sri Lanka to prevent disgraced Jayasuriya mixing with their players

A furious ICC warned the Sri Lankan management not to allow disgraced former captain Sanath Jayasuriya to mix with their players after he was spotted in the Headingley crowd during Saturday’s game against India.

Jayasuriya, one of the heroes of Sri Lanka’s 1996 World Cup triumph, was banned for two years in February after pleading guilty to two breaches of the ICC’s anti-corruption code following a wide-reaching investigation into Sri Lankan cricket.

The ban does not prevent him attending matches as a spectator, though it is understood the anti-corruption unit were not impressed that he turned up – and even less so when ex-India captain Sourav Ganguly praised him on the TV commentary.

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  1. Sad really the who Sana saga but the saddest is despite him having sold us out, still doesn’t get it that he is no longer welcome. I presume he will shamelessly want to be president of SLC or chief selector after the two years. Sometime’s you need put your tail between the legs and walk away as opposed to walking around like nothing is wrong when everything is wrong.

  2. Yeah he is a disgrace and nobody should be praising him now after all the things he has done after his playing days.

    He was a politician in the blood soaked Rajapaksa government and he damaged Sri Lankan cricket so badly as selector by selecting a politician’s son and other players without valid reasons.

    Should be investigated if he accepted bribes as a selector!!

    He got caught trying to con the ICC investigators!!! He was a legend but now reduced to nothing because of his own bad choices.