ICC defends lack of reserve days for league clashes

The International Cricket Council defended not having reserve days for the league games after the game between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh was washed out in Bristol on Tuesday (June 11). Three matches, including Tuesday’s clash between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh at Bristol, have been washed out this World Cup, making it the most in a single WC.

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  1. Can we as fans or the participating countries accept the excuses given by ICC for their poor organizing of this WC with regard to planing the fixtures without having reserve days even in spite of ICC knowing well in advance that 4 to 5 games will be badly affected by wash outs. Due to the availability of accurate modern techniques / methods on forecasting rainfall data well in advance where ICC were full aware of this but they were only concerned about the financial losses that will be incurred due to holding 4 to 5 games on reserve days.

    What ever reasons given by ICC could have been done without extending the total duration of the whole event. This is due to the fact that each participating team is having 4 / 5 day of gap in between every fixture. So there will not be any problem in travelling between the matches either. Having 4 / 5 wash outs / no result matches (we already have 3 and another 2/ 3 are expected) and sharing a single point will be a great loss to the more powerful team. In the case of SL I think they may be benefited as both Pakistan and BD teams are more powerful than us this time and they were expected to perform perform better than SL. If you look at the whole picture not only for PAK and BD it will be very very unreasonable for one or two of more powerful teams if some of their future matches will be washed out and they will be losing one point in the table. That will also effect their positions in the final four and possibly effect their chances of lifting the cup as well

    So ICC should be blamed for this kind of injustice to some countries due to their greediness for money. It’s a good lesson to ICC when hosting any future WC matches in England during wrong period of time.

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