How Sri Lanka can still qualify for the semi-finals

Despite losing a thriller against South Africa, Sri Lanka are still in the hunt for a semi-final spot in the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup.

To get there, Sri Lanka must win their last two games and finish on six points.

Assuming Sri Lanka finish on six points, here is how they can qualify without NRR coming into play:

– England must lose to Sri Lanka and beat South Africa

– Australia to lose all two remaining matches against West Indies and Bangladesh.

– South Africa should lose to Bangladesh and England

– Bangladesh must beat Australia & South Africa

– West Indies must beat Australia and lose to Sri Lanka

– Sri Lanka must beat England and West Indies

If all of these happen, then Sri Lanka can progress without run rates coming into play.

There are several other scenarios as well where Sri Lanka could still qualify but in those scenarios NRR will come into play. (NewsWire)

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