Hidden agenda behind ‘resting’ Dushmantha Chameera?

Has the IPL instructed him to rest?   By Revatha S. Silva  Sri Lanka Cricket is continuing its journey into international doldrums, uninterrupted. It has been almost a seven to eight-year wait for the unfortunate Sri Lankan fans who want to witness a turnaround, which, sadly, has not taken place[…]

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  1. I noted how the so called expert and former player is still going on about SL has huge amounts of talent. I wonder where this talent is as its certainly not playing cricket for the country or getting picked up but any of the best talent scouts in the world for a multiple of franchises.

    I do agree on the Chameera omission but is there the mystery we make it to be. Does he have a niggle for example and we want to save him for the WC? and yes, playing IPL would be a great idea if that was the plan.

    I am not sure why we get all excited about our guys playing the IPL while the rest of the world is already and had been playing for years. The whole SA pace attack looks like it will miss the Bangladesh home series for IPL while the last time Bangladesh visited SL, both Shakib and Fizz opted for the IPL.