Hathurusingha claims Sri Lanka Cricket’s domestic inquiry was ‘illegal’ – report

Sacked former Head Coach of the national cricket team Chandika Hathurusingha has written to Sri Lanka Cricket rejecting the findings by a domestic inquiry and calling the inquiry illegal.

“I categorically reject the alleged findings of your purported domestic inquiry. I state that your decision to terminate my services is completely arbitrary, unreasonable and wrongful and is a violation of the Fixed Term Contract,” Hathurusingha wrote to SLC.

“I categorically reiterate that there is no provision whatsoever to issue a purported show-cause letter and to initiate any domestic inquiry in terms of the said Contract between Sri Lanka Cricket and myself,” the letter further states.

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  1. Where are we going with this SLC? More importantly, where is the accountability? Where is the Minister who hired Hathu? Where is the Minister who fired Hathu? That exactly is the problem isn’t it? We cannot have a Minister who comes and goes (just to make sure he has a lifelong pension), calling the shots in an international professional sport. It would be like asking a village farmer to run a manufacturing factory – he would have no idea, just like our politicians!! Its not a case of saying, but we still produce cricketers but a case of understanding just how much better we would be if he only had the capable folks running the game.