Sri Lanka sports minister says he did not ask Hathurusingha to be removed

Minister of Sports Harin Fernando says three foreign cricket coaches, including Australian and South African nationals, are currently in talks for the post of Head Coach of Sri Lanka Cricket.

Speaking to the media following a press briefing held at the Sports Ministry last night (30), Fernando said he has never asked the current head coach, Chandika Hathurusinghe to be sacked. He added that there had been many internal conflicts.

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  1. Ha ha.. Don’t be surprise if SLC reinstate Hathurusinghe to Head coach position in coming weeks. Dram for nothing. All the high profile coaches are gone now.
    Mahela – Southhampton (Not that he was interested in)
    Demingo – Bangladesh
    Tom Moody – Oval franchise (Hundred)
    Dean Jones – Pakistan ??
    Who are they fooling?

  2. He must be on drugs or delusional! This narcissist has been sticking his nose into the running of SLC. Kudu Harin needs to stick to his ministerial work and leave SLC alone to run independently. Oh but wait! Shammi is getting outvoted at many of the ExCo meetings so he runs to the minister with his tail between his legs for help. There is obvious mismanagement, fraud and corruption at SLC but they continue to operate without any investigation. The forensic report is being held back until the TV deal is signed up and all involved get their paws on the gratuity payments. Why and how is this allowed to happen??? I’ve been privy to a letter sent to the board by Gurusinha before departing to Australia. He was never given a ‘Position Description’ nor any ‘Key Performance Indicators’. His Manager Ashleigh has not conducted a single review of his performance in 2.5 years. However a couple of senior officials attempted to tarnish his reputation via paid gossip sites. I hope his letter to the board is made public soon to make people aware of the sabotage that took place during his employment.