Hard-hitting interview from Bhanuka Rajapaksa : Reveals reason for omission

Sri Lankan cricketer Bhanuka Rajapaksa has hit out at Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) authorities for inconsistent policies. Speaking during…


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  1. I feel very sorry for Bhanuka who should be in our both ODI & T20 teams as he is the only top order batsman who can do a Power Hitters role as he has the best Strike Rate for hitting sixes. But due to SLC’s discrimination policies against religion he will never get a chance to play for SL. Sri Lankan Cricket will never improve their “Wooden Spoonist” position in all three formats as this is only a GOD’S PUNISHMENT FOR DISCRIMINATING THE PLAYERS AGAINST CHRISTIANITY” What a shame that our most favorite sport is being destroyed by SLC, Selectors and Coaches collectively. We can see the next similar dirty act of SLC very soon when Dasun Shanaka will be be taken out from the T20 captaincy.

  2. As cricket fans who want SL to be a powerful cricket playing nation as has been in the past, must unite and fight against SLC, their selectors and coaches who collectively use personal preferences, religion and school statuses in team selection. This will only prevent the more desired players from representing SL in world cup tournaments.

  3. I don’t support the selection of unfit guys in the team – its the sort of attitude that has taken us to the bottom of the pile. It is no longer acceptable to an international professional sportsman and not meeting fitness requirements. Even in lesser paid everyday jobs, there are minimum standards to be met. As a professional sportsman, fitness is a key requirement to compete against the best so not interested in Banuka’s complaints. Meet the minimum standards to start talking – it applies to every job in the world!

  4. Even today Mickey has replied how Banuka has failed in fitness & commitment. But the problem here is as you can see here, there is a campaign, people support him on God’s card because Banuka is a born again. Are you surprised then why our cricket is languishing in the bottom? This chap Sushantha, threatens that God is punishing the SLC. These jokers are not talking cricket but God in the disguise. My foot! God should better look after the Covid crisis not punishing our cricket as he says.

  5. What a useless and unwanted comments of AJ to bring the subject of religion into this forum. May be for him what has been spoken in the parliament on born again is very valuable. But we all know that majority of the Sri Lankan citizens don’t give a damn respect to most of the subjects talked or discussed in our parliament. I can write pages on Bhanuka’s born again and about the great values of that to the people who believe that., but I am not going to continue this unnecessary conversation on religion as it will only spoil the good reputation of this cricket forum.

    All I can say is that Bhanuka is the only top order batsman SL have, who can bat as a power hitter and can change the complexion of the game single handedly with his super batting qualities as proved by him on achieving the highest Overall Average Strike Rate of 131% and a Sixes Strike Rate of only 11 balls where he has the best performance records in T20I matches among all SL batters (according to Cricinfo Records for the last 2/3 years). He also has scored 61% of his runs in boundaries and sixes which is also the highest. HE IS AN ASSET TO OUR T20 TEAM. THERE MAY BE ONE OR TWO BATTERS IN THE WORLD WHO CAN BAT IN THE TOP ORDER AND SCORE SIXES AT A STRIKE RATE OF LESS THAN 11 BALLS.

    I am not surprised why Mickey Arthur is so much upset with Bhanuka, because he is one of the only three guys among our cricketers (but only guy among the current crop) who can fluently talk with Mickey in English and give him back very strongly during conversations.

    We should not forget one more thing. Although Mickey is very highly talking now on Fitness he had a very bad history on handling Fitness issues as a head coach. In 2019 he was sacked by Pakistan from the head coach position as he picked (and gave chances) to several unfit players which was proved as the reason for Pakistanis doing badly in last years world cup (this story anybody can check in the internet). So how can we say that he has a good past reputation as a head coach who has been respecting Fitness issue. He only has a bad reputation in not handling Fitness as a head coach.

    I am not trying to say that Bhanuka should not be treated badly for his fitness failures. There is no ultimatum for him. He must bring down his Skin Fold value below 85%. But the most important thing is, SLC should not impose this requirement with a time frame of only 6 months. At least all players should be given minimum one year period for the Skin Fold Test. (may be for the 2 km run 6 month period is enough). This is where Mickey’s handling of Fitness issues is highly questionable and our Cricket Committee (headed by Arawinda) must look into this seriously. If a player has started to improve on Skin Fold Test and if he can prove some improvement during the last few months, he should be considered for international matches.

    This is very vital, considering the fact that we have got only two T20 series before the WC. IN THIS SITUATION BHANUKA SHOULD BE SELECTED FOR THE ENGLAND TOUR (as he already has improved on his Skin Fold Value working with two fitness trainers). That will enable him to play in the top and do a Power Hitters role and gained the most important experience to bring great repute to SL in the T20 WC.


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