Glyn Palmer reveals Thilanga Sumathipala’s gaming connection – report

Former Sri Lanka Cricket president and politician Thilanga Sumathipala has always maintained he has no involvement or connection to the sports gambling industry

A letter from the Anti-Corruption Unit of the International Cricket Council attached to the sports ministry revealed that a British bookmaker named Glyn Palmer had provided a service to Ex-Sri Lanka Cricket President Thilanga Sumathipala to establish the Sporting Star gaming business.

Glyn Palmer had told the ICC, he shared his gaming experience with Thilanga Sumathipala to operate Sporting Star and had business dealings with regard to the betting industry with Thilanaga Sumathipala…


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  1. Jagath, I don’t think that will happen. According to the new constitution his nomination will be rejected straight away. No one having direct or indirect connection to gambling / betting industry cannot contest for the election. The latest investigation findings and Ministers order for his non participation in any SLC matter are more than adequate.

    Next thing is to get rid of Shammi which is of course a puppet of Thilanga.

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