SLC to donate 22.5 Millon for Commonwealth athletes

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has decided to donate rupees 22.5 million to support the Commonwealth Games athletes. SLC President Shammi Silva already informed their agreement with Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe at a function held at the Sports Ministry on Wednesday…

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  1. Funds at SLC are not meant for charity service. It should be utilized to pay incentives to young Cricketers and to develop the standard of cricket around the country by way of holding. Competitive tournaments throughout the year. The number of tournaments held about 15 years ago has gone down by 10 fold at present. Even the very few tournaments [majority areT20s ] being conducted too are limited to very few matches for a player and finish off in 2-3 weeks. I don’t know how a player gets the required match practice and confidence in this dubious manner.

  2. Our present women’s team touring Pakistan is getting hammered as if we are being very new to this Game. The truth is our women’s cricket was started very much earlier than Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand,… but now we find it difficult to win even a single match against these teams, totally due to the incompetent unqualified management we have at present. We have won all 4 matches against Pakistan Touring women’s team in April 1998mentioned matches were played in Sri Lanka where we have won all 4 matches in an outstanding manner therefore for this current status of our Women’s Cricket, the management that does charity work only should be blamed. One may find stats of these matches in websites like Cricket Archives

  3. Our is a country where we have enough Sri Lankan experts to handle our Cricket, therefore there is no need to pay huge sums of money to foreigners. Mathews & Chandimal themselves have more experience in how to handle tough situations rather than the coaches in charge, though they have been ill-treated by the management of recent times. They would have been well respected if they were from any other country like India.