Sri Lanka selectors under fire after Bhanuka Rajapaksa blitz

The members of the national selection panel have come under heavy criticism after Bhanuka Rajapaksa made them eat humble pie with a blistering counterattack, this time with the bat. In Sunday’s IPL clash between Punjab Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore in Bombay, Rajapaksa threw caution to wind smashing 43 off 22 deliveries with two fours and four sixes…

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  1. Not making sense this – the selectors did not say Banuka could not bat but he could not be selected on fitness grounds. Really important this is understood or we will all be climbing up the wrong tree as many are already! The deal here is SL are trying to instill a new ‘culture’ within the team where pot bellied – over weight guys dragging them selves around the field is no longer acceptable. If anyone is still confused why this stand was taken, just check our white ball record in the past years – clearly we cannot going the same way. In fact Banuka was told to meet the fitness standard in order to play – this does not mean he could not bat but needs to tow the line. It’s a bit like you can be really good at your work, but if you are late to work consistently, action will be taken. You cannot just claim your good at work so you will come in when you feel like it!