Ranatunga frowns on LPL frolics, warns budding cricketers it is poison

Poisoned chalice, sour grapes or being around at the wrong time, ex-Sri Lanka cricket captain and one-time World Cup heart-throb Arjuna Ranatunga warned school cricketers of the evils of focusing on money while drawing a contrast to his own success without a cent in his pocket.

He fired the warning shots and made the alarm-sounding remarks amid pin-drop silence at the Sunday Observer-SLT Mobitel School Cricket Awards and received a touching applause from hundreds of schoolboys and girls all aspiring to sport the Sri Lankan emblem on the cricket field…

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  1. I don’t really agree with everything Ranatunge says these days but it must be appreciated that the man never takes a backward step just he didn’t on the field all those years ago. Neither did he chase money through sponsorships as he claims.

    There are a couple of things he needs to get right and the key is we cannot continue to run cricket like it was in 1996 when we won the WC – the world has moved on to a professional game and we need to move on. Continuing to talk about how the game was run in 1996 is interesting just for recording history but irrelevant for running the game today.

    I think his continued ridiculing of t20, particularly the IPL totally misses the success and importance the IPL has had on Indian cricket. Today, India can pull youngsters straight out of the IPL who are able to compete at the international level while SLC is still struggling to plug this gap because we don’t have a decent local cricket platform.