NOC required from Sri Lanka Cricket to play in another country – Ashley de Silva

Ashley de Silva

Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Ashley de Silva said that any Sri Lankan player who wants to play cricket in another country should first obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the country’s governing sports body.

“I have read through the media that some players are planning to go abroad and play cricket, but wherever they are going, they need to get a No Objection letter from us. Without a No Objection letter, they cannot take part in any tournament, they will not be encouraged. They can go to other countries, but they will not be able to play any cricket,” said de Silva.

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  1. Ashley should have spoken to SLC legal counsel before making such a rubbish statement. If a player is not contracted, he is not an SLC employee and SLC cannot prevent any private citizen who is not contracted by SLC from gaining employment overseas. That’s a violation of fundamental rights and it’s illegal.