Exciting times ahead for Sri Lankan cricket but has Arthur committed a blunder?

Sri Lanka coach Mickey Arthur

The best cricketing news that you heard in a while is that Mickey Arthur will be taking over as Sri Lanka’s Head Coach shortly […] No matter how good a coach is, if he were not allowed to do a job the team can make little progress.

Arthur joins 35, Maitland Place on a two year contract but how long will he last remains to be seen? Not many Sri Lankan coaches have seen through their contracts.

That maybe the very reason why Mark Ramprakash pulled out. He was set to sign up as the Head Coach but in the 11th hour got cold feet.

Ramprakash may have realized that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Has Arthur committed a blunder by saying yes?

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  1. Yes great but so was Hathu and Ford as was Bayliss and and and! The problem is not the coach but how we manage the coach and a track record of 9 coaches in the last 11 years says it all. So up to SLC to take a new approach to management of coaches or we will be back square one…looking for a coach. I wonder if SLC officials get paid each time they look for a coach? That would explain the constant harassment of coaches followed by a search.

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