End of the road for Sumathipala?


Sports Minister Harin Fernando banned Thilanga Sumathipala, the former president of Sri Lanka Cricket from holding any position in the premier sports body of the country on Monday following the report submited by the committee to inquire into allegations against his eligibility to hold any post at SLC.

Sports Minister had temporarily suspended Sumathipala before appointing a committee headed by Dhammika Muthugala, Director General of the Department of Sports Development to inquire allegations.

According to the Sports Ministry the committee had recommended to prevent Sumathipala from ‘participating, sitting or voting in any meetings of any committee, exercise discharge and perform of any powers, functions and duties as an office-bearer or immediate past president of from participating or representing Sri Lanka Cricket.’

The committee appointed to decide Sumathipala’s eligibility to hold any post at SLC includes legal officer of the Sports Ministry Shiromi Ranawaka and retired senior administration officer, S.D.

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  1. Good work Mr Honorable Man and why did it have to come down to this for the other Honorable man? He is already a thief (AKA politician) and a successful business man (lets just pretend he is not a bookie) so what more does one want. Could you honestly serve the head of an international professional sport while doing two other jobs? Just take a break man and leave cricket to the experts and stick to the thieving and bookies with the rest of the scum.

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