Early termination of Hathurusingha’s contract likely to be costly for Sri Lanka

“Although the board wants to remove Hathurusingha, its hands are somewhat tied by Hathurusingha’s contract, which runs up until the end of 2020, and requires a substantial compensation to be paid in the event of early termination. As such, de Silva and the boards are expected to broach the possibility of Hathurusingha working for SLC in a limited capacity back in Sri Lanka in the short term.”

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  1. These are the sad repercussions of bad administration/business decesion taken by the previous SLC President .no conditions if coach fails to meet expectations or deliver expected results, so NO return on investments so so sad. Hope this saga will be stopped directed properly by the Sports Minister thru new constitution, new laws and thru Auditor General auditing if not it will be repeated and Sri Lanka Cricket will suffer again.

  2. Keep shooting ourselves in the foot and hope something works out – another 2 years (is it even 2 years) and another coach bites the dust. Remember we threw out Ford too. Would you honestly work for this kind of employee? As long as the clowns run the show, it can only be a circus.

  3. These same SLC admins thought Chandika Hathurusingha was good enough and fought hard to steal him from Bangladesh and a year later he is not good for them. Do you need any more proof that these morons are incompetent??? If they had brains they would have made Rixon assistant coach for world cup and given Rixon more control to handle batting coach duties too without doing this unprofessional thing.

  4. One has to give credits to Hathurusinghe for learning from past experiences. This will be a good lesson for SLC. They bring high-class coaches from somewhere and without giving them adequate time to work, throw them to the thrash bin. I think it is fair compensation to hathurusinghe for the damage done to his image from stealing him from BAN to sacking him just ahead of the WC.

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