Decline in talent, lack of passion saddens me: Muttiah Muralitharan on Sri Lankan cricket

Muttiah Muralitharan has said he is saddened by the decline of Sri Lankan cricket…

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  1. Not sure if money and material things are a problem – just look at India. These guys play IPL, earn a ton of money and anyone see a passion issue in Kholi?

    Finally good to see someone saying there is a talent issue. For yonks we have lived in this fantasy of having plenty of talent that doesn’t need to perform and lived under the shadow of the greats of the by gone era. Now the greats are gone and there is certainly a talent issue. We have had multiple arguments on this forum about how our definition of talent includes non-performers!

    Time to face the truth and do the needful. Our system has been destroyed by thieves and looters and need to be changed now so we can start the rebuilding. Politicians pretending to fix the problem will only see us go further down.

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