Decision time – how are World Cup squads stacking up?

Sri Lanka sucks at ODI cricket right now. They’ve sucked for quite a while. The last time they won a bilateral series was way back in 2016, against Ireland. They have won a couple of tri-series since then, but did not have to defeat any of the higher ranked sides to achieve this. There is possibly no team going into the World Cup in a greater state of disarray. They have lost each of their eight ODIs so far this year.


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  1. It’s a reality that SL is the worst team out of the 10 countries where there was no poper WC Preparation Plan taking place during the last 2 years. We still do have a bunch of jokers as Team Selectors who still don’t know the basic concept of Team Selection. They are led by a former Fast Bowler who does not know the basic requirement of a ODI batsmen. When all the other 9 countries are giving serious considerations to a batsman’s ability of scoring runs at a most suitable strike rate for this year’s WC our Chief Selector is having other ideas. Good example is to include some test batsmen who were rejected previously for ODI matches due to their slow run scoring ability are re introduced in this so called “Super Provincial Tournament” which may turn out to be another flop of SLC. By doing so the quality of the teams has been badly diluted.

    Instead of selecting 88 players, that too including previously rejected ODI players and some school boys who do not have any previous International exposure, SLC should have selected only 30 players and make only 2 teams so that the most deserved ODI players who fared well during the last 1/2 yrs will get the maximum opportunity to play more matches or at least 7 to 10 matches instead of playing in 3 to 4 matches in the proposed tournament.

    As long as we have the present set of incompetent selectors and the present head we will never be able to have an ODI team that can score even 250 runs in any ODI match in future.

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