Cricket's groundkeepers on tackling the sport's climate crisis -BBC

BBC Sport speaks to three groundstaff, from the UK, Australia and South Africa, about how the climate crisis is affecting the way they work and their worries for the future.

Many Test nations lie at particularly climate-vulnerable latitudes – Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, West Indies, Sri Lanka, South Africa – and global temperature rises are having a devastating impact.

The Cape Town drought between 2015-18 led to the temporary cancellation of club and schools cricket. IPL matches have been moved because of lack of water; while in Australia bush fires caused the cancellation of many grassroots and one Big Bash game.

Pollution stopped play in the 2017 Delhi Test between India and Sri Lanka as players vomited on the pitch, while hurricanes Irma and Maria, which caused widespread loss of life as they swept through the Caribbean, also severely damaged five cricket stadiums.

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