Cricket’s greatest betrayal!

You don’t need to have Mahela’s exceptional intellectual powers to grasp that what was done to KJP is grossly unfair.

Time and again one of the greatest cricketing brains that we have had uses his social media platforms to make very pertinent points and to ensure that fair-play exists in our beloved game.

With over a million followers, the likes of Mahela are very quick to drive home a point not just here but globally as well. This, in turn, ensures checks and balances in our sport and Mahela’s use of social media is a great example of how former greats can contribute towards the game.

However, there’s much more Mahela can do to Sri Lankan cricket other than being a critic. Every time he is requested to be part of the team management, he turns down the offer. One can argue that he lets the selectors do their job. Selection, of course, is a thankless job.

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