Cricket takes Sri Lanka to the world, the game needs to be protected: Roshan Mahanama

Sri Lanka cricket has been struggling over the last few years as the team continues to go the downward slope in international cricket. Sri Lanka were once regarded as one of the giants of the sport and dominated limited-overs cricket for a significant period of time under Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara’s captaincy.

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  1. “We do not have the authority we are only there to advise the minister and people at the cricket board but the final say lies in the hands of the administrators. I feel everyone needs to work together,” said the former Sri Lanka cricketer. Here in lies the problem of SL cricket. The minister, who in most instances is clueless on anything other than looting, is in charge of an international sport where the oppositions is a professional sporting body. It would be like an average everyday guy getting in the ring with a professional fighter!