Lasith Malinga questions ICC amnesty in Sri Lanka

Lasith Malinga doesn’t believe players should get an amnesty if they come forward to report previously undisclosed information relating to corruption in the sport. “I don’t know why they are giving that opportunity (the amnesty)….if they catch people they should punish them straight away – otherwise people have a guilty mind (that a game they are watching in’t genuine) and cricket is going nowhere,” he said. Malinga said the team has yet to sit down and discuss the ICC statement.


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  1. Yes it should have never come to this. But what else can be done. Srilanks are smart and most probably ICC has not come across a such a complicated setup into corruption anywhere in the world!

    This is NOT and amnesty for people who have engaged in corruption but for people who have known about approaches and not reported as required by the ICC code of conduct.

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