Sri Lanka cricket team

Which is devaluing faster? Cricket or the rupee? The decline of the rupee has been steady. It’s now 200 for the Dollar. So is cricket. Our batting has collapsed four times in the last four Tests now. More time is spent by our batsmen in social media than at the crease. There is total chaos with the approach. There are question marks with regards to fitness, discipline and planning.

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  1. It’s time for a total reboot! and we have the right honorable man to get this done.

    He has the power and the money (so no need to be looting like a common thug who is usually put in charge) and he has the backing of even bigger honorable men than him. What’s more we are told this guy is actually a sportsman unlike some of the clowns who have held this position before.

    In short, its the perfect storm. Make it happen Mr. honorable – this is yours to fix once and for all.