Cricket at its nadir; time for Sports Minister to act

With Sri Lanka cricket down in the doldrums following two back-to-back 2-0 whitewashes to South Africa (away) and England (home), many have expressed their opinions on how to turn things around and get back to winning ways.

On Monday night we heard former World Cup-winning captain and former MP Arjuna Ranatunga call on Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa to appoint an interim committee to clean the Augean stable and use his position to change the constitution of Sri Lanka Cricket, thereby clearing the path for people of genuine interest in cricket to come forward and contest elections and to administer cricket in the country.

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  1. Interim committee – been there done that and here we are. New selectors, new coach, foreign coach, local coach, new captain – been there, done all that and here we are.

    I cannot believe this guy is still calling for club cricket. Yes we won the WC with club cricket but that was in 1996! The cricket world has moved on leaps and bounds and here we are still holding on to how we won in 96 with clubs.

    There is something fundamentally wrong with our cricket that is failing to produce technically competent players – not even a spinner! There is no mystery here – the answer is to change the constitution and overhaul the first class system. We just need a guy who can do it and if the current guy cannot or will not do it – we are doomed.

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