Clearing up the mess: Minister Harin, let’s begin with the new SLC constitution

It is no secret that politics plays a huge role in Sri Lanka’s sports and what occurred towards the end of the Sidath Wettimuny Interim Committee must be in scrutiny even at this time of age. What they looked at that time was to effect a change in the constitution of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) and infuse a fresh lease of life to cricket in the country. Yet, politics and other paraphernalia got in the way, and once again Sri Lanka’s cricket slipped into that usual state of deception and skullduggery. The results of the contest are more brutal. At present, the ICC is on a hunt for miscreants who have fixed the game of cricket in various ways. Adding fuel to the dicey situation, a huge investigation is going on with SLC’s own employees coming under investigation for trying siphon off huge sums of money.

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