Can we expect something from our national cricketers in 2020?

During the last two years our National cricketers have not done any thing substantial to bring glory to our Motherland. Changing coaches, changing captains and changing selectors have not brought any good results. Our team is going from bad to worse. That is what we see at present. So when can our National team come to the limelight in World Cricket? That is the cry of all the fans in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) thinks that it will happen very soon. But they do not take the necessary measures to put our team on the map. Hence, I propose the following ideas to help raise the standard of our cricket.

1. Honest and hard working people should hold responsibilities on the SLC. They must be lovers of our country. If they work only for money and prestige then our cricket will never improve. Sincere men who will go all out to raise the standard of our cricket to a very high level have to hold responsible posts on the Cricket Board. Those who cannot do a good job should resign…

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