By springing wholesale surprises in squad selection, Sri Lanka have pressed self-destruct button

With this squad selection, Sri Lanka are destined for disaster at the World Cup. One time champions and two times runners-up, they have pressed the self destruct button. The final nails on their coffin will be delivered in England and Wales.

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  1. Last 12 matches .12 losses .Lost every match this year too( with Rex’s “winning” combination lol) .It cant get any worse than that .Even if we lose every match at the world cup it wont be any worse than what we have been lately .The wholesale moves by the selectors are completely justified whether we win or lose from hereon .And btw .Having Hathu put back in his place has been a great move too .Because Im sure every person can remember how he acted when he had his selection powers .He pretty much owned sri lankan cricket .Anyways Rex needs to find a new job lol