Brett Lee in charge of fast bowling, Ramprakash as Sri Lanka’s next head coach?

Former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee will reportedly be appointed as Sri Lanka’s fast bowling coach after the Australian tour

Sri Lanka Mark Ramprakash

It is reported that England’s batsman Mark Ramprakash is to considered as the new head coach of the Sri Lankan national team. According to cricket internal reports, he is willing to take over as the head coach of the Sri Lankan cricket team […] The discussions between Ramprakash and Sri Lanka Cricket have come to the final stages and it is envisaged that a final decision will be reached by the end of the week.

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  1. Do we have a plan to ‘manage’ these coaches? Just look at the track record for the last say 5 years and the first question that needs to be sorted is – are SLC capable of managing a manager? If not why do we keep appointing these guys who leave in disgust and presumably sue us. I guess the more pertinent question is can thugs and looters (aka politicians) manage trained professional like cricket coaches?

  2. Sadly the SLC Administration currently consists of a head thug and looters. Shammi is clueless and we know it. Ravin is just abusing all the facilities to travel wherever he can fly to. Arrived in Australia long before the team I guess to collect more per diem. The day Gurusinha returned his vehicle, Ravin had flagged that he was taking it. The drivers work overtime carting the family members to where ever they please on SLC account. How much overtime has been claimed by drivers since this regime came in board?

    If Ramprakash is even considering coming to SL he needs to get his head checked or he must be very desperate for a job. A sensible coach would not even look our way given our pathetic reputation of mismanaging coaches and being sued following their departure. The moron Harin has been off the radar thank god as politics is taking priority atm. It was amusing to see this idiots face in the cricket news circles more than the players. What a pathetic set up. Shammi and his cronies are running after the tv deal before they get ousted from office. Everyone involved has another agenda and cricket suffers as a consequence. No spin coach… no one managing HPC…shame shame shame!