Avishka Gunawardene suspended from all forms cricket activity by SLC

Former Sri Lanka national cricketer and Sri Lanka ‘A’ coach Avishka Gunawardana has been suspended from all cricket pending inquiry for violating ICC’s Anti Corruption Code. Gunawardene becomes the fourth high profile Sri Lankan cricketer to be charged by the world body…


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  1. This will never end. More and more past cricketers will be declared guilty for this kind of wrong doing. I am not surprised that some past cricketers were involved in cricket corruption issues when the rulers, politicians and even the professionals in the country are heavily involved in corruption. May be very soon SL will be considered as the most corrupted country in the world.

    All past cricketers charged for corruption by ICC must be severely punished to eradicate this problem as well as save our innocent young cricketers from getting involved in it.

  2. Sad state of affairs but as pointed out by Susantha, if you have corruption at the top, don’t expect the rest to miraculously be saints! It just doesn’t work that way I am afraid. We put a bookie and politician in charge of cricket – no prizes for guessing what happens next. Thought we cannot get any lower but seems it is possible to keep digging from the bottom of the hole!

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