Avishka Fernando – living his fathers dream

When his wife was pregnant with their first child, Colin Fernando prayed hard for a boy. Because he had only one dream: and that was to see his son play cricket.

Colin’s wish was fulfilled with the birth of who is now the new boy wonder of Sri Lankan cricket: Avishka Fernando. The sporting world is peppered with tales of pushy parents. Colin isn’t shy to admit he is one of them. As a youngster, he had wanted to play cricket at professional level but the dream wa

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  1. What a great story and long may it be told and hopefully the best of the story is still ahead of us. Just not sure how things will work out with the morons at SLC. The question has to be asked, what if we didn’t drop him after that debut duck against Aus two years ago? This guys would have come in to this WC with 2 full years behind him – talent is one thing but making sure it blossoms is another thing and it’s sad that we are reliant on SLC to do this for us.

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