Are the selectors scared of Bhanuka Rajapaksa?

In this series against South Africa Bhanuka got three ducks in a row. He should have been axed but the selectors persevered with him…

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  1. I’ve been writing here how incompetent a chap is Bhanuka Rajapaksa. But immediately you see replies supporting him then , no wonder then what this Island article describes well. ”more importantly he has a powerful social media network. So the selectors have all the reasons to be scared of him and preserve with him”.

    Come on selectors, have some respect to yourselves, show you have some guts.

    I agree with the selectors that Bhanuka is the right man with powerful hitting. But with three ducks & very low scores ,he proved what we all have been suspecting in him : What?? That he has NO Brain!