Another chapter closes on a unique bowler

What was unique about Malinga apart from his bowling was his candor to call a spade a spade which did not go down well with certain individuals in the cricket administration who tried their best to oust him from the game at a time when he was struggling with injuries especially a troublesome chronic knee.

That Malinga managed to overcome all these obstacles and emerge triumphant and finish off his ODI career on a high is testimony of his character.

In his farewell speech to the public at the end of the first ODI he didn’t forget the people who had helped him all along his career like former Sri Lanka fast bowler Champaka Ramanayake who discovered him when he was playing softball cricket down South in Rathgama. That unique square arm bowling action of Malinga is the result of it. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who was kind enough to recommend his personal physician Dr Eliyantha White who treated his troubled knee and enabled him to continue playing till today and a host of others including his parents and family…

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