Alleged underperformance of two SL cricketers: Selectors to meet SLC hierarchy today

It is pertinent to note that the issue has nothing whatsoever to do with either match-fixing or spot-fixing. The parties concerned had been overly worried about the two players’ continuous underperformance and poor commitment, which boils down to sabotage.

Sri Lanka are to leave next month for the T20 World Cup, their next assignment, in UAE and Oman. A 15-player squad and four travelling reserves were announced by the authorities for the World Cup on Friday (10).

An SLC source revealed to the Morning Sports yesterday that the issue of at least two players not playing to their full potential had been a point of discussion at the Sri Lanka team meetings, especially during the South Africa T20I series.

“The (Sri Lanka) coaching staff has given a final warning to those two players (who played the T20I series against South Africa) for not showing their full commitment. They had been accused for the likelihood of deliberately underperforming,” the said SLC source said.

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  1. Very disheartening, Attidude is very unacceptable, if that is true, these are very bad signs for the future sri lanka cricket. these players will loose the respect of the people very soon, The money they earn, would not bring any greatness to them, very immature attitude if that is true.

  2. Most of the blame should go to the cricket board.When it was announced KJP was only to captain two tours we did not see full weight was given by the present captain to win a game at the time but just was playing to keep his place as he was the next captain in waiting.Such tactics should have been dealt then & there. So no wonder he gets it back now. Specially he cannot lead him from the front with his horrible form so how can he demand the best from others.You have to appoint a captain who have performed for the country long way & gets respect from the team & only KJP was there. But supporters of this captain led a FB & Social media campaign to oust KJP which has brought this situation now. As some pointed out very rightly in social media, this captain went behind Indian players & did donations, demanding throwers etc ,non cricketing things to fool all to cling on to his post .He is very happy & wants only new young players because he has lost confidence of the senior players.