A team mate, a brother and a dear friend

Decorated Army General Shavendra Silva some time back was appointed as the Chairman of the National Selection Committee. The role of this committee is to oversee the appointments of selection committees to all sports that are under the Ministry of Sports. He didn’t have many issues dealing with the appointments, but when it came to cricket there was a bone of contention.

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  1. Not sure where this read is going but a few thoughts. One is we need to get away from appointing military experts in all other areas unless of course if the military guy is an expert. It’s just a meaningless way of going about things when you have experts in the field but you appoint a military guys…based on what expertise. Cricket today in international and professional sport and its little wonder why we look like a village cricket team when our thinking at the top is similar to villager.

    On the contract retainer, I can think of a couple of reasons why the Sanga and Mahela’s got paid higher. Firstly, they played in a team that actually won at an international level and they excelled in all forms of cricket. When I say excelled, these guys were world beaters and team, for example, hardly ever lost at home. Another reason is SLC actually had the money which I am not sure they have now. Finally, the current team in a performance based plan which means you must win to earn cash.