A captain’s plea to SLC

Following Sri Lanka’s poor showing at the 2019 Cricket World Cup two perspectives have emerged one from the captain Dimuth Karunaratne and the other from the chairman of selectors Ashantha de Mel and they both point to one thing – the deficiencies of Sri Lanka Cricket and for what it stands for.

A country’s cricket board is expected to give the players the best platform for them to perform at top level and when that has not been met or for that matter what was already been in existence has been diluted then there is no point pointing fingers at the players for not performing on the world stage.

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  1. Present SLC never ever created perfect platform to perform it’s Cricketers as they lack cricket brain, vision or ability to do it.
    So cannot see or expect current SLC prepairing the required correct platform for cricket or its cricketers.
    Not against any person or persons but we don’t have high quality people with cricket brain, vision with likes of Ana Punchihewa, Renzie Wijethilake, Sidath Wettumuny to create the correct cricket environment

  2. How many times and for how long have we kept saying what the problem is with SLC? Everything said here has been said for ages yet nothing is being done about it and keep saying the same thing – this is the sign of insanity!

    On playing IPL and BBL – this is another fools paradise! The IPL only pays for the best players in the world and if they even had a remote inclination that SL had such players they would already been playing IPL. There is no mystery why Malinga is the only guy playing IPL. If anyone missed it, the rest are not up to standard. Again this is not a debate we need to have, just look at SL rankings – if I am not mistaken we need to qualify for the next t20 WC.