Kumar Sangakkara’s twins as seen on Living Magazine

Sanga and kids

I saw Sangakkara and family on the front cover of Living Magazine in Sri Lanka, and purchased the magazine. There are loads of very nice pictures (including this one) of them inside. Hopefully they won’t object to this. I thought those of you who live outside Sri Lanka (who will not get a chance to buy the mag) would like to see it.
© Eranga Jayawardene & Dinusha Perera for Living Magazine, Sri Lanka


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  1.  Rozanne, twins are one of
     Rozanne, twins are one of each I believe.

    Their names are, Swyree and Kavith.

    Cassius, I  don’t think the mag is available outside Sri-Lanka 
    I posted the e-mail address of the mag with another photo, you can e-mail and ask them to send you a copy perhaps?

    It’s a good article (of 14 pages), all Sangakkara fans will enjoy it. 

    By the way, Sangakkara was voted "Personality of the year 2009" by living magazine. 
    Muralitharan was the runner-up according to the survey conducted by the mag.

    Previous winners of the title  were: Ajantha Mendis 2008, Lasith Malinga 2007, Mahela Jayawardene 2006 & Kumar Sangakkara 2005.

  2. gosh adorable kids!!! 14
    gosh adorable kids!!! 14 fking pages..are you serious SMSD. gosh this is why I lived read a 14 page article about sanga.. hopefully I’ll get to see the whole thing soon. congratz again sanga and yehali.and thanks smsd.

  3. wow..watta nyc family…lil
    wow..watta nyc family…lil sangaz r gr8-a boy n a girl…ooh..anaa…justz lukz lyk sanga n both r so cute lyk yehali..:)……heyy if sum1 can upload sum more picz of dese cute babez,it would b gr8…!!

  4. Thnx for the wonderful
    Thnx for the wonderful thought SMSD.

    Lovely pic. Hope to see the mag when we visit SL for Summer. Pls publish more pics. We are sadly deprived of these great stuff.

    Congrats Sanga & Yehali. U r proud parents of rare twins (boy & girl). Yehali u r lucky indeed.

  5. I’m happy that Living
    I’m happy that Living Magazine carried these images. But it’s a real shame that Sangakkara didn’t think of using a medium like Island Cricket to reach out to his fans overseas.

    Great pictures anyway. Thanks SMSD for sharing.

  6. wow..cute r so cute simply as
    wow..cute r so cute simply as Sanga n Yehali…dese 2 also will b BRAVY lyk hiz dad..i was thrilled 2 c dose picz bcz Sanga iz ma fav…….cricketer..go Sanga go..wish u a happy family lyf with ur cute wife Yehali n dose chubby babies..:)..n hope 2 c sum more pics of u n ur family..:)

  7. ya rare child birth as a
    ya rare child birth as a twins for cricket captan srilanka, also boy and girl congratz sanga one of the hotest wife of cricketrs in world

  8. Yes – cute but I am told
    Yes – cute but I am told “Living” paid them a very fat fee for this montage of pics. You can be sure his agent is in on the act as well, signing deals worth a few thousands so he cab get his cut. Cynical? Believe it pal, Sanga and his Mrs charge appearance fees for functions these days and to talk, so do other players. The guy who manages Ajantha Mendis is asking LKR50 000 as after-dinner speaker would you believe. Murali charges two thousand for appearing and an exra lakh for talking for ten minutes, I know as these were the fees asked when we approached for a charity do a week ago. Money up front, too. We got Aravina who cost us nothing and talked for half an hour.

    • It’s not cynical, it’s the
      It’s not cynical, it’s the way normal commercial world works.

      Why shouldn’t agent gets a cut if he/she did all the hard work negotiating the deal. They are doing a job. They do all the hard work because players don’t have time or the knowledge to market themselves.

      Living Magazine could afford to pay Sanga money for pictures, but Island Cricket cannot. Still, we got to a look at pictures.

      Lets be be grateful that living magazine or Sangakara didn’t object to us uploading the photos on IC. They could’ve if they wanted to.

      Also, to be fair to Sangakara and his manager, just before the team left for the T20 World Cup, Sangakara took time to answer questions from members/fans for Island Cricket.

      None of the players who has given IC interviews and provided photos did not ask for any fee because they understand the importance of a good rapport with fans. They know that IC is here to promote Sri Lanka Cricket and support the team.

      Players time is very precious. Unlike normal jobs, their profession doesn’t have longevity. So they got to earn a living too and provide financial security for families. You can’t blame them for charging for their time.

      So you say the guy who manages Ajantha Mendis is asking LKR 50 000 as an after dinner speaker? I’d happily pay him that fee if I can get a chance to give him a good talk .I have my reason.

      May be we should name and shame those guys. LOL.

      Don’t these people know that if their players are talked about on a Cricket site, it’s a positive thing? otherwise they’d fade into the background the moment they start performing badly.

  9. Sanga you are a .handsome
    Sanga you are a .handsome person…. But your children are leading you…….. Be careful….. Because they are so cute…so so cute….:)


  11. Mr.kumar and babys are very
    Mr.kumar and babys are very nice. But kumaras’s wife yehali …………….. I dont like her .Because she hasn’t a discipline. But sanga is very very good. so we always love him .

  12. here comes the future…

    here comes the future…
    one a left handed alrounder the other is the right handed one
    coz the father is ambidextrous…
    good luck sanga..

  13. i’m a great fan of u sanga
    i’m a great fan of u sanga and congratulations 4 becoming a father and i expect u would like them to become a lawyer or cricketer like and i intensionally wait for u’r meeting with me before my life ends and i just cant tell wat a fan i am 4 u and yehali whom sat beside me inthis ipl dc vs rr

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