Muttiah Muralitharan’s 41st birthday celebration

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  1. What the hell is this! I am
    What the hell is this! I am sickened at Gay’s as well as Kohli’s reactions in this celebration. This is so f***ed. Seriously, if I was Murali, I would have beaten the f***ing shit out of all who hurt me on my B’day. Which book does it say B’day celebration have to be like this??? This is way out of line. Disgusting as hell. Whoever disagrees with me are the once who supports ridiculous B’day celebration similar to this one. No, thanks I don’t wanna B’day party like this never ever ever in my life, I am just happy the way I celebrate my B’day. Poor Murali, my sympathy goes out to his family. lol 🙂 As he was brutally killed by some pathetic cricketers on his B’day.

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