Live – 2nd ODI, England in Sri Lanka, 2018


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  1. cant they drop tharanga
    cant they drop tharanga already ? Hes pathetic in the field . leaks at least 30 runs with all that lethargic fielding .Doesmt do anything with the bat on most occasions to cover up for it either . a 30odd every match keeps him in the XI .Its so negative that it feeds off to all the other players also .Did they really drop Mathews to keep players like this in the team ? tharanga doesn’t even run properly between wickets when batting .Drop him already !!!

  2. he lets the whole team down
    he lets the whole team down every match .cost us at least 30runs in the field with his lethargic attitude .and now out for a duck .Did they drop Mathews to keep a flop like this in the XI ?

  3. Your hatered for dropping
    Your hatered for dropping your favorite Mathews is too obvious shortleg. but why exaggerate things beyond truth to blame others, when Mathews is clearly unfit to play as seen in Asia Cup skipping the fitness test on a doctor’s note?

  4. would you rather see the side
    would you rather see the side all out for 100 or see a fat and unfit mathews drag the side to something reasonable like he has done and is still doing ( until he was deopped) ? his only real failures were the two asia cup matches.

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