Labrooy and Hathurusingha explain Mathews’ axing

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  1. There would be plenty of
    There would be plenty of batsmen who would not have forged an international career if these two were in charge of them…running between wickets has been a constant problem in SL…Sanath, Klau, Marvan, Sanga all had moments of madness…then there was Arjuna who liked to walk.

    Coaches come and go but don’t seem to address this…that should be coaches first priorities ensure things like running between the wickets and field standards do not drop. But they are focused on other stuff.

    But what I don’t understand is if Angelo’s fitness and running between wickets is bad in ODIs then surely it is bad in Test cricket too! Otherwise can’t be sole reason for dropping from one format and not the other

  2. I hear those of you who
    I hear those of you who oppose this but I am OK with this. Yes Anji scored runs in the SA series but where did that get us? Where was he in the first 3 games? Yes Anji can’t win a game on his own but as an experienced hand, the guy needs to impact games and series. And of course, he needs to be fitter and get rid of that belly. I mean seriously, how can you hobble around with a belly at international level today!

  3. Yeah way to go Sri Lanka axe
    Yeah way to go Sri Lanka axe your best most experienced player who is Angelow Matthews. Sri Lanka’s problem is not of lack of cricketing talent. But the lack of talent on those supposedly running Sri Lankan cricket. I am sure there is probably another Sangakkara, Jayasuriya, De Silva or Jayawardene waiting in the wings from the Sri Lankan school and club system. But we will never know who they are or to be the next cricket stars for Sri Lanka because they are never picked these days. In the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. Sri Lankan scouts were good at picking from the immense talent Sri Lanka has and the selectors back then quickly promoting them to the team. Players such as Sangakkara, Jayawardene and Matthews. SL needs to go back to the old days and look at what they used to do right. Sri Lanka is badly letting down their supporters in Sri Lanka and around the world these days. Also what happens when Sri Lanka goes to Australia next time? There is a big Sri Lankan community there who have solidly supported Sri lanka they are not going to be happy when Sri Lanka visit there next time. Upto Sri Lanka to shape up before then.